Aline Erbeia

 Artist and interior designer of Swiss nationality, Aline Erbeia opened her agency in 2009 after studying interior architecture and design in London and Milan. She had the chance to make her passion vibrate by realizing various projects in Geneva and abroad notably in Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Abu Dhabi.

She has been attracted to the enchanting world of stones since her youth. From then on, her curiosity never ceased to grow and the world of crystals and minerals became a real passion for Aline.
Discovering and studying the energies, the virtues and the benefits of the latter, it was an obvious choice to create unique, emotional and timeless art objects; pieces of character that leave a trace in our minds.
Her passion for stones comes from a deep love for raw materials, unprocessed materials that remain authentic. Authenticity, this form of freedom to be what we are, without artifice.
Each stone is meticulously chosen and each piece is handcrafted with passion, love and care.
There is also the mirror, this sublime material, which reflects the light. The mirror is for Aline a form of truth that questions us, surprises us, reveals us, forces us to think and act. A mirror does not cheat, it opens a new path of consciousness.


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