NFT Certificate of Ownership

Physical Object

H 150 cm x W 59,3 cm x D 7.5 cm

mirror and lacquered wood

503 amethysts

10510 carats

Minted on Polygon


Aline is always inspired by the harmony of nature, this creative harmony that produces organic forms with a rare, unique and precious beauty.

The 3 layers of this creation are composed of a grey mirror, hand-lacquered wood and a smoked mirror.
The number 3 is not represented by chance in this creation, it represents balance, self-expression and the free-thinking spirit.

It is also associated with order, perfection and completion.
Thus, the 3 represents union and balance in the image of the triangle, symbol of intelligence and perfect harmony. It is the key to wisdom and discernment. It also has a strong symbolism:

Past, present, future
Birth, life, death
Body, mind and soul
Man, earth, sky
Physical, emotional and intellectual

Aline’s favorite stone and centerpiece of the «Equilibrium» mirror is Amethyst. It is present 503 times in several forms, which is equal to 10,510 carats. Humility and wisdom are the main virtues of amethyst.
It stimulates creativity, imagination and clarity. It promotes meditation, concentration, but also spiritual elevation. It is also responsible for calming anger, fear, anxiety, distress, sadness and grief. In addition, one of the great properties of Amethyst is to purify places and objects. It thus contributes to peace and relaxation.

The color of serenity and determination, the choice of purple was instinctive
and obvious for this work. Also intimately linked to spirituality, this color brings a psychic harmony between the human and the divine.

The purpose of Aline Erbeia’s works is to create a deep and intimate relationship between them and their purchaser; a relationship that awakens emotions and fulfills us…