Standing against the standardization of emotions

Anonymous Iranian artist based in Switzerland since 1963, he has more than 40 years of practice in Chinese ink painting. Hit with fibromyalgia, he began in 2015 to paint with digital ink to relieve his articulations, which no longer supported engraving on paper. NFT artist ahead of his time, he built an extraordinary collection with an assiduity without any expected. His works, a real organic mirror of generative art made by hand, offer to discover a singular universe connecting us to the depths of the artist, and invite the viewer to silence and discovery of meanings unique to himself. An identity card is associated with each work decoding its colorimetric field.
His work was spotted by collectors in China acquiring his early NFT minted works. In 2022, he exhibits in Shanghai with Semicolon and performs a digital live painting performance connected from Switzerland. This is his first public exhibition at home, where he will unveil a collector's video, as well as 8 lithographs of his unique paintings received simultaneously with the acquisition of the NFT. Additional work will be digital available to present to collectors.

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