Salar Shahna

Genre-breaking, pioneer of immersive media,  producer of cinema and virtual reality, president of the World XR Forum for Virtual Reality and international expert; Salar Shahna remains above all a maker at heart.

He recently launched a new series of NFTs as an independent artist. Dirty Bacon will be releasing Cosmic Birds, a VR Film, and pursuing the development of Relife, a feature film plus XR experience.

Salar is an international public speaker and lectures in France and Switzerland. He sits as an expert for Canada’s New Media Fund.

The artist presents here his first work in augmented reality in the field of arts with a practice mixing photography and sculpture, questioning of eroticism in a landscape of the Persian carpet. A collection of 3 works which by their volumetric nature can, by means of a phone or tablet, live in all physical or virtual environments.

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