Dirty Bacon

Last Rites : The NFTs

The Studio Dirty Bacon presents 3 unique NFT's displaying native Xikrin Natives from the Amazon. Captured in volume during the filming of the virtual reality film Last Rites by Daniel Schweizer and Céline Tricard
Dirty Bacon worked with the EPFL laboratory from Professor Ebrahimi to present in the form of a holographic projection the recording made in Brazil just before the Covid outbreak.These are testimonies of men and women whose destiny has been shattered by the exploitation of their forests and who have been decimated by COVID. All the profits will go to the post-production of Last Tribes and help to raise the awareness of global citizens.

The unveiling of the collection at SP3CE will include 3 unique NFTs redeeming a volumetric video. The works are displayed on a holographic screen that can be reserved separately after collecting the NFTs.


Last Father



Last Mother



Last Son