Alexia Weill

From sculpting stone to pixels.
French-Swiss artist working in the field of traditional sculpture. In 2018, she was the first artist to be invited by the famous American agency Corcoran, to exhibit her works in New York for the opening of « ART & Real Estate ». Her sculptures were exhibited at Aqua Art Basel Miami with Uncommon Beauty Gallery followed by New York in 2019 and then in Dubai.

During the pandemic, she experimented with virtual reality as a tool for sculpting. She thus designed the Immersive Galaxy collection, a series of sculptures, singular objects, allowing her to extend her art into a new field, close to science fiction. She presents five NFTs, four of which being video loops of her digital sculptures (Meteor, Ode, Stellar and Spiral) and the fifth taking the name of her Immersive Galaxy collection, as it was transposed into Virtual Reality 360, shaping a Solar system. This is also the first time that she is unveiling her sculptures to the public.


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